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Our Oldham County  and Mercer County Farms provide a stress-free environment for raising our Belted Galloways.  We use no feedlots or forced feeding for our beef cattle.  Our herd is provided with plenty of shade, abundant fresh water, and benefits from a rotational grazing program, which produces a leaner beef.  After rotational grazing, we finish our beef with a supplement of natural corn and soybeans, which enhances texture, taste, and tenderness.  The goal of our program is to assure a properly raised and humanely treated herd.

We produce and reserve only a limited number of steers each year for meat, so our objective is quality not quantity.

We have included several editorials that have been published about Sherwood Acres Beef and if you would like to see these articles, please click here.


A message from the Producers:

We take great pride in every aspect of our beef production, and look forward to providing you with healthy, outstanding and exceptional beef that was naturally raised.  Please enjoy it with our compliments . . . ..

Jon & Dan


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